Change The World Tour info
"Change The World Japan Tour "
some information

These information are sent for me from my E-mail friends.
Please don't ask me because I don't know detail and poor in English.

EC information in Japan:


1)Osaka FM802 broadcast information

I recieved from Mr Y;

In FM802 broadcasting, it was talked about EC by Mr Hiro Teranaka who is music journalist.
He is a friend wuth Joe Sample. So he could talk with him about EC tour.
Joe said to him that EC is not satisfied with this tour.
EC is not satisfied with PA. he seems to feel sound back is so bad.
So he seems to decrease one song from 16 Oct.
And EC is not satisfied with his 4 new songs because he thinks they are not so good  response from audience.
EC will talk with members to change songs or not.

This information is very important.
I said first day impression "But I think he was not best condition".
Also I think EC has some trouble. (I don't know what is trouble)
When the truth comes out?

Next show is 20 Oct in Fukuoka.  We must take notice.
26th Oct. : Don't worry EC had many exvellent nights at Fukuoka,Osaka.......

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