"Needs his woman"
Lyrics & Guitar cord
Sorry if I have some mistakes.

      Needs his woman by Eric Clapton 

      Intro A9  

      A                 C#m                   EonG#               C#m 
      You left him standing in the pouring rain. 

      F#7                 Bm7             Bm7onA          E 
      There's every chance he'll go insane. 

      A                        C#m                       EonG#           C#m 
      And someone comes along and takes his hand. 

      F#7                     Bm7                   Bm7onA         E 
      He must have love, can't you understand 

      Amaj7                       D maj7 
      that He needs his woman, 

      G                   D            E 
      He needs his woman, 

      Amaj7                     D maj7 
      And he needs his woman, 

      G               D              E           A9 
      He needs his woman to love. 

      His hands are shaking and his head hangs down. 
      No peace of mind for him is found. 
      Break his heart and then you'll set him free. 
      Someone must save him, just you wait and see, 


      G                  D             Bm                    E                  A 
      What will it take till you believe his love is real? 

      G                              D               Bm 
      Nobody said he had to love you, 

      Bm                      E 
      now he always will. 

      He'll walk that lonely road again today. 
      The love he gave you, you threw away. 
      When all he wanted was a hand to hold. 
      His lonely world has grown so cold 

      Chorus *2