"Born in time"
Lyrics & Guitar cord
Sorry if I have some mistakes.

      Born in time  By Bob Dylan 

      Intro E C#m F#m Am E      

      In the rolling night 
      In the stardust of a pale moonlight 
      I think of you in black and white 
      Am         E 
      when we were made of dreams 

      I walked alone through old shady streets 
      Listening to my heart beat 
      In the record breaking heat 
      And we're holding tight 

      E              B        A          E  
      Just when I thought you were gone You came back 
      E           B               E  
      Just when I was ready to receive you 
      E                          B  
      You were smooth you were rough 
               A            E 
      You were born and then off 
      E          F#m            B   
      Oh baby why did I ever believe you 
      I believe you 

      In the rising curse   
      And the wings of nature will test our dream bird 
      I took you close and I felt the reason 
      And we were born in time 

      Just when I knew who to find you went back 
      Just as the fire light was gleaming 
      You were snow you were rain 
      You were strife and you were pain 
      Oh baby Can it be you been scheming 
      Or was I dreaming  

      in the wings of mystery 
      In the foggy weather destiny  
      You're still so deep inside of me 
      And we were born in time