"She's Gone"
Lyrics & Guitar cord
Sorry if I have some mistakes.

      SHE'S GONE by Eric Clapton,Simon Climie  


      In the middle of the night  
      in the middle of the day.  
      She can make me feel alright  
      and make it all o.k.  

      She can make me feel so good  
      by looking in my eye.  
      She can take me to the edge  
      take me to the sky.  

      She's gone, she's gone, she's gone  
      I'm telling you she's gone  

      She puts her hand in my hand  
      puts her kiss on my face.  
      She puts my heart in my mouth  
      a soul in its place.  

      Who can love me like she do  
      who can even start to try.  
      She can love me more than you  
      I never wonder why.  


      Like a shadow in the dark  
      like a ripple on a stream  
      I see you float across my mind  
      like a picture in a dream.  

      the more that I'm alone  
      seems the more that I care.  
      Get the worries is all I know  
      just to know that she's still there.  

      Like a shadow in the dark  
      like a ripple in a stream  
      but you're floating on my mind.