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Japan Tour 2016
Every thing about Japan tour 2016 is here!

Japan Tour 2014
Every thing about Japan tour 2014 is here!

Japan Tour 2011
Every thing about Japan tour 2011 is here!
Japan Tour 2009

Every thing about Japan tour 2009 is here!

Japan Tour 2006

Every thing about Japan tour 2006 is here

Japan Tour 2003

Every thing about Japan tour 2003 is here

Japan Tour 2001
Every thing about Japan tour 2001 is here.

Japan Tour 99
Every thing about Japan tour 99 is here.
Clapton Japan tour photo
'93,'95,'97,'99,'01,'03 Japan Tour photo

Change The World Japan Tour 97
Every thing about Japan tour 97 is here.
Japan tour played song ranking
Please check EC played more than 100 numbers in Japan
206th marks of Japan tours
EC played several cities in Japan
Japan tour programme review
You can view all tour programme pages.
Japan Tour : 1974/1975/1977/1979/1981/1985/1987/1988/1990/1991
/1993/1995/1997/1999/2001/2003/2006/(2009/2011/2014not yet)

My 20 short impressions
of Japan tours
From 1974 my impression of Japan tours.
Clapton tour T-shirts
Some Japan tours T-shirts

Menu3: World Show Report
My '18  British Summer Time  at 
Hyde Park

Let's go

My '18  Summer Europe at  Cologne Germany
Coming now
Cologne show

My '17 EC Concerts at RAH

RAH again

My '15 70th birthday Concerts at RAH


My '14 EC Singapore


My '13 EC 50th UK Tour
RAH again

My '11 EC Asia Tour
Bangkok & Hongkong
EC in Thailand

My '10 EC and  JeffBeck at O2
Beck and EC

My '07 Crossroads Festival
Coming Now! (Japanese Only)

My '06 UK tour
RAH again

My '05 CREAM Reunion


CREAM !!!!

My '04 UK tour 

I went to RAH again.

My '02 Ferrari Festival


I went to Brands Hatch Circuit.
My '99 MSG
Eric Capton & Friends show
I went to MSG. Thank you David Sanborn,Sheryl Crow,Mary J.Blige,Bob Dylan and Eric Clapton
My '98 US tour
Arrowhead Pond, CA and MGM Grand Garden Arena, NV
My '01 UK tour
I went to RAH
My '01 US tour part1 NY
I went to MSG on June 2001 again
My '01 US tour part2
I went to Thomas & Mack Center Las Vegas
My '01 US tour part3 LA
I went to Staples Center LA

Menu4: Resorce of Eric

Playing guitar lesson
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Album Reptile songs
Travelin' light/I ain't gonna stand for it/Don't let me be lonely tonight/Son & Silvia

Album Pilgrim songs
Going down slow/Broken hearted/She's gone/River of tears/pilgrim/My father's eyes/
/Sick and tired/One chance/Fall like rain/Needs his woman/You are there/Born in time/Inside of me
Other some songs
Blue Eyes Blue/I Get Lost
Circus has left town/Change the world/layla/ Wonderful tonight intro/Tears in heaven intro/Badge/

Eric's Auction

THE ERIC CLAPTON Sale Of Guitars  And Amps In Aid Of The Crossroads Centre Sorry no pages but Link to Bonhums
Guitar auction (2004 24th June)  
Important pocket watches & whristwatches
Pop and Collectable guitars
Lot No 20 (2000 27th Apr.)
Guitar Auction (1999 24th June)
Clapton boot leg CD review
WWW Link of Clapton
Clapton puzzle game
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Please try 15 puzzle game.

Clapton visual resource
Clapton Tour Programme
Some other country tours

Clapton music intro quiz
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